RCARC History

The following history is as accurate as any of us can remember - time takes it's toll!

Although there had been discussions about forming an amateur radio club in Cedar City as early as 1961. The club  was not formally founded until the spring of 1967.

An organizational meeting was held at the home of Roland and Phyliss Weir with the following amateurs making up the original charter members:  Roland Weir, W6UCF, Phyllis Weir, K7WVT, Bob Williams, W7MUG (SK), Doris Williams, W7MXX (SK), Roger Chidester (call unknown (SK), Sharon Chidester, K7AOU,  Ken Munford, W7IFJ (now N7KM), and Don Blanchard, WA7GTU.  The constitution and by-laws were written at this meeting.

The name of Rainbow Canyons Amateur Radio Club was suggested by Sharon Chidester and was meant to describe the area in which we live. The club letterhead was designed at a later date using a sketch by Jan Munford, KB7UVO and was printed in two colors by Don Blanchard, WA7GTU.

Club membership has grown over the years and while not everyone belongs to the club, we have approximately 200 amateurs in the area.  A number of these are husband and wife teams.

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